User Manual

1: Click on below URL to register on site.

Click here for registration.

2: The following screen will display as below. Enter the required information and click on Register button.

3: After successfull registration you will get following screen on Home page.

4: Select one of the two plans and click on the purchase button.

5: After clicking on the purchase button,the following screen appears.

6:Click on the Pay button to complete the transaction, after which the Excel Add-in will be available. Actually, I was under the impression that Microsoft collected the money and paid it into our provided bank details after the transaction. If it didn’t work like that, then anyone could get the add-in from the Microsoft store and install it without paying. If I am right, then there is no need for a Pay button. The payment is made when installing the add-in. Some research and a review of this paragraph is needed as soon as possible please.

7: After click on My-Add-ins button popup will open as display below then click on STORE button.

8: Enter the Spreadsheetmtd in serach box and click on Add button.

9: When you open the spreadsheetmtd you will get below screen.

10: Enter the registered Email Id and password and click on Login button.

11: After successfull login you will get below screen.

12: Click on Login button for authenticate the user on HMRC site.

13: After click on login button you will get the HMRC authentication popup window as displayed below.

14: Click on Continue button below screen will display.

15: Enter the HMRC credentials and click on Sign in button.

16: After that you will get following screen

17: Click on Grant authority button and you will get below screen.

18: After click on Click Here button you will get below screen.

19: Click on Pay Now button as per your pending slot.

20: When you will click Pay Now button it will display as below.

21: Click on Select Cell icon on screen and select value from Excel cell.

22: Pop up will open with selected cell address. When you click on ok button it will automaticaly fill seleted cell value in corresponding text box.

23: After filled all boxes click on declaration checkbox as displayed below and final click on Submit VAT Return button.

24: Finally you will get the success message as displayed below or other prompt.

25: If you want to update any cell value click on X icon and again select the appropriate cell.

26: Change the drop-down value to get other functionality as submited VAT return as dispalyed below.

27: To get liabilities change dropdown value and select liabilities. after that select fromdate and todate from calender and click on View liabilities.

28: Following screen will display.