SpreadsheetMTD.co.uk is owned by MTA Software Solutions Ltd.

MTA Software Solutions is a british registered company that has a strong security policy. For this reason, client date using the Excel Add-in is never stored by us and we do comply in our company with all GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Also all transmitted data is encrypted by military grade encryption using SSL (Secure Socket Layers). On top of this, each of our executable files, including DLL (Dynamic Linked Library files) are digitally signed with by an extended code signing certificate issued by Digicert.

Please be advised that there are other companies offering similar spreadsheet MTD functionality, but some are foreign owned and possibly not of good intentions. We never ask for your accounting data to be sent to us so that it may be forwarded to HMRC on your behalf; that is entirely wrong and contrary to GDPR regulations that YOU would be held responible for.

Please be advised..